Sunday, June 21, 2009

I must think this out...

A pen, a banana, a blue piece of paper, an old bottle of coke, my glasses, a broken calculator and an orange sharpie. Oh, and a shoelace without a shoe.

I was challenged by a friend to use the above throughout my next blog entry. Although I'm not completely sure how I'm going to do so yet, I think it could turn out very fun. This is only going to be a first try, I may revise later. For now, here goes!(By the way, most of these events are true, some I had to make up...try to find the made up events)

Yesterday was quite an adventure. I started out my day on few hours of sleep. I only had the chance to grab a banana for breakfast and I was out the door. I don't know if it's just me, but it was rather difficult to peel and eat while driving. I was headed for church to sort rocks and other harmful things out of a flooded, 2 foot deep mud pit.
As I approached the exit ramp, I noticed an old bottle of coke tumbling across the intersection. I wished for a pen to jot down some lines that it inspired. That tends to happen, great ideas pop into my head while I'm driving, not fun.
After that, I arrived at the church. Being extremely dedicated, I was there early even in the buckets of rain. When I was finished parking very crookedly, I looked down to see a shoelace without a shoe. It was odd, I mean who just loses a shoelace. And that got me thinking more interesting thoughts. I reached into my purse past my glasses to a miniature notebook. I opened the cover and scribbled on a blue piece of paper. In my tiny notebook, there are four colors of paper; blue, pink, yellow, and green. I liked that blue was next for some reason.
Inside, a boy was trying to take apart a broken calculator. Probably to retrieve the batteries, but why not just get new ones? Could there be such a sport as "battery hunting"? My attention then focused on an elderly gentleman. He was in an orange sharpie colored late June. I played with the idea that his wife had passed and that was the sweater she knit him before their last Christmas. I am easily distracted with details, which is sometimes a flaw.
By the time I actually walked to the mud pit, I realized I had thought of several poem foundations. Not that these are done, but more like under construction. I wish my days could be more productive like this all the time. Or maybe it is and I just don't realize it.

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  1. uhm well your voice is very apparent in this. i was expecting to challenge you more. hmm i will have to think of something harder... haha...