Saturday, October 17, 2009


My eyes flicker to the broken wing of the horse fly on the vanity. sandpaper. It's noon, no maybe it's 5:00, who cares, pour my bath and leave me alone. Cold porcelain teases my skin, it feels good but it starts a shock through me. pain. I can't tell if the lamp is on, what is making that shadow? An insane murderer, ready to pounce. It's only Lucy, she comes often. Sometimes I smell Saco Bay, beaches and suicide and whatnot. A quarter exposes my red lined eyes to myself. It's not like I can help it. The Bible stares at me underneath the horse fly now, bring it to me, Lucy. Shoot, the lamp went out, no the sun came up. Now I will dream. black. Moonlight Sonata and whiskey linger on the bed. A slam jolts me, oh, it's only my pulse. That Mandarin bracelet is stuck to the door knob. I was born blind, but now I am never, unless you count blinking. A ballet of howls and termites are my sheep. Lighthouse fireflies lure my whispers, I'm not crazy you know. truth.


  1. Sometimes I smell Saco Bay, beaches and suicide and whatnot.

    love that line for obvious reasons. :) this is great britt, exactly what I have been trying to pull out of you!

  2. This is incredible, Brittney. The voice is crisp, fresh, and memorable. I love the same lines as Maria.

    I want this voice to keep talking. I want more.